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Man Wearing Yellow and Black Adidas Jersey Shirt \u00b7 Free Stock Photoalway buy soccer products in this website,it can detail and wholesale,the quality is best and price is cheap!i love this,faster shipping!

Very nice, affordable, soccer socks! Our daughter is a very slim 6yr old. 44 inches, and 38 lbs,

and wears a size 11y. I ordered the size SMALL, &they’re a bit long in the foot, and leg.

We have to fold the top down to not be on her thigh, which you can’t really tell.

It’s hard to get her cleats on, but she’s never complained about them being uncomfortable once on due to this.

They still look pretty good, and at least she can grow into them. She’s an xs in almost everything else,

but I was worried that they wouldn’t fit up, and over her shin guards, and still be tall if I ordered a size XS,

that many have commented on fitting their 2yr or 3yr old. The quality is REALLY GOOD! They’re thick,

and have not faded or shrunk, or lost their shape! Again, my daughter has a small foot for a 6yr old,

so that’s why I gave her measurements to try to help. If her shoe size was bigger, these would have been

great all around. You get 2 pair, as well! We haven’t needed to use the 2nd pair, and will probably save for

next year. Fast shipping, which was what really sold me, aside from the color &brand. The size small would

probably be a good size for age (6yr old-small 12yr old). I’d get a medium if 5ft or taller,

and in adult sized shoes, & assume the larger sizes are for adult women, and men. I hope this helps!

In all our years of youth soccer, these are the BEST Porto Soccer jersey socks my boys have had.. They are stretchier than

most, but stay up well. They are much softer and more comfortable (like a real sock) than the others we have

used. These socks are a little thicker than other, more mesh-type socks, but not too thick by any means.

The only socks we have liked better were part of a school team uniform, so I have no idea what they were.

We have only used these for one season, so I can’t say how well they hold up, but if they do, I will absolutely buy more of these socks.