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Award shows have them, so why not come up with your own version? People at trade shows usually are there all day and they are likely hungry, but most of all, they’re thirsty after walking around for hours. However, for weddings that use one of our two indoor venues, the daily entry fee is rolled into your package, but is only valid for the day of your event. Your customers need nothing more to feel like VIPs with this original quality handheld Electronic sparkler bottle on the event. Online golf event registration forms allows you to promote your tournament, showcase your golf course, feature event-day activities and process credit cards. What are the differences between 2-piece and multi-layer golf balls? You can also get your logo printed on the golf balls and basketballs for some brand awareness. Another activity that attendees can contribute to throughout the day is getting a puzzle done.

Get a custom design printed on a vending machine filled with snacks or beverages that people can get during the day. This is a perfect way to advertise your new line to people attending the trade show and will generate buzz. Since here at Reviewed, we’re experts at finding the perfect gifts (at the best prices), we’ve rounded up 50 of the best Father’s Day gifts of 2021 for every dad and every price point. Help him celebrate an illustrious career and welcome his newfound freedom with the perfect retirement gift. Similar to the gift card prizes, there is the option of doing cash prizes. If aesthetics aren’t that important to you, using a heavy duty light-colored tarp or canvas is another option. Well lucky for you, we’ve rounded them all up! Include some promotional items in the bag, such as mouse pads and magnets, as well as anything else that might tie into your brand. Get creative with what puzzle your customers will solve so that you can tie your business into the fun. Let customers play for the fun of it or turn it into a competition with prizes.

Offer a substantial amount of money to customers who enter to win your raffle. Therefore, we have selected those drivers that offer maximized adjustability that goes along with the convenience of self customization for worry-free performance. Give people their own individual puzzle to work on, or setup a giant one with tons of pieces for people to put together as a team as the day goes on. Something that most people will always be interested in winning is electronics. Try to think of a store or restaurant that your client base will enjoy so that they will be interested in entering to win the prize. Being in business for more than 25 years and online since 1999, we are a clear-cut industry leader and strive on providing nothing less than superior customer service to each and every individual client. This is a good way to get customer participation and get their fast feedback on your business or products.

It’s like using the force, and only for good (i.e., cookies). T-shirts can also be one of the items you include in your swag bag, but make sure you use a size that would fit most people rather than something like an extra small. Find out how you can make your own puzzle. Lastly, this easy DIY funeral flower arrangement can be made out of your loved one’s old bulk wilson golf balls clubs (see image below; bottom-right). Lastly, anyone who has uttered the words “I hate brussels sprouts” will be eating their words when they taste these Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Balsamic and Cranberries. Get everyone who comes into your booth to contribute to a collage that you create during the show. This is also an easy giveaway to do because it comes from your own inventory, so you don’t have to shop for possible prizes. Ask a question that everyone answers, get them to each draw something, get their feedback and turn it into a piece of art, or anything else that comes to mind.